Donations make a real difference to the work that Hope Academy can undertake and the number of students we can support.

You contribution will be used to:

Support the school’s daily operations:

These funds are used to rent classrooms, feed the children, pay our staff (who are now all volunteers) and purchase textbooks, stationery and supplies.  Additional resources will help to release the burden of the staff and improve the study environment for the children.

Build a permanent facility:

We currently operate the school in a rented facility.  The current classrooms will not be adequate as the school grows in size.  Our goal is to raise funds to buy land in an area that is closer to the homes of students and build our own facility that will be the foundation for future expansion.

Hope self-sufficiency program:

To fund our ongoing operating costs, we have embarked on an ambitious program to generate revenue for the school.  Funds will be used to cover the cost of investment in materials and marketing.

We are also seeking donations of books, school supplies, computers and other business start up equipment.  If you would like more information, please contact...

If you would like more information about donating to Hope Academy, please contact us using the email address below:

Alternatively, if you are in the UK you can discuss donations for Hope Academy with our contact there: