Elimu Africa Grant
Worldview and SAWATA
Thursday 29th July 2010
Friday 26th March 2010
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Elimu Africa - Education for Kids, has made Hope Academy one of their 2010 Grant Recipients.   The grant is supporting our new Stationery Store venture and has also provided funds for textbooks, uniforms and school supplies.

We are truly grateful for the 3,700 USD grant.   The new venture will help generate funds that will contribute towards making the school self-sustaining.

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HOCODECO and Worldview Education and Care are creating a women's co-op.   In Tanzania it is a sad fact that girls and women, including those who complete schooling and training do not get equal access to employment opportunities.

Worldview has provided funds for materials and sewing machines for the women who will receive vocational training to become tailors and jewelry makers.   We are delighted to be working with the support of Worldview Education and Care.
Airport Trip
Thursday 3rd December 2009
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Today 45 children from Hope Academy, accompanied by teachers and helpers visited Arusha Airport.   The children were hesitant initially when invited by the airport staff to get close to the aircraft, although this quickly changed.   Seeing the aircraft take-off and land was very exciting and the children were fascinated by the noise.  

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