Airport Trip
Thursday 3rd December 2009
Today 45 children from Hope Academy, accompanied by teachers and helpers visited Arusha Airport.   Our trip had been planned since September and the children were very excited that the day had finally arrived.

None of us, teachers included, had visited the airport before.   The children were hesitant initially when invited by the airport staff to get close to the aircraft.   However, this quickly changed and many questions followed, including…

  • How many people does and aircraft carry each time it flies?
  • What happens if the driver suddenly gets sick?
  • Can anyone fly on a plane?

This last question was of course followed by, “Can we fly on a plane?”   Unfortunately our trip today did not include flying itself.

Children learnt the different parts of the plane, where the engine is located and the luggage stored.   We have other aircraft activities planned for the children and are looking for materials so that they can make their own model planes.

Seeing the aircraft take-off and land was very exciting and the children were fascinated by the noise.   We found time to play after eating and singing before returning to Hope Academy in the early evening.   A wonderful day was had by all.

We would like to thank Paul Hunt of Hoborgs Limited in the UK.   Sponsorship from Hoborgs made our Airport Trip possible.
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Hope Academy children learn about
the different parts of the aircraft.

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Sophia Mjungu explores
one of the aeroplanes

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Hope Academy children learn
where the luggage is stored.