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Gross National Income (GNI) measures the total income earned by residents of a country, including income earned abroad. This data is adjusted for inflation and differences in the cost of living between countries. The per capita value is derived by dividing by the midyear population.

Tanzania’s GNI per capita of 1,200 USD is less than 1.6% of the GNI per capita in the USA. It is one of the lowest in the world.

Viewing Tanzania's GNI data in isolation to other countries, we see that the GNI per capita has increased at varying rates over the years between 1990 and 2022. While there have been periods where there was only small increases or even decreases, there is an overall upwards trend.

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It is only when viewing Tanzania's data in comparison with other countries that the stark reality becomes apparent. Tanzania has one of the lowest GNI per capita values in the world. Tanzania's data is still visible on the chart below, although it is completely overshadowed by the USA and UK.

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Data Source:
World Bank

Tanzania GNI Per Capita 1990-2023
Retrieved 2023-10-07