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At Hope Academy, we believe all children have the right to learn. We would like to have your support to make that possible.

Below are some of the adorable children from disadvantaged families that we hope to admit to our classes. With $500 per year sponsorship from you, a child like them will be able to access adequate care, food, uniform and an English education. This will allow them to change their future for the better, not only for them, but for their family.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us at:

You can either select a child from the following list or let us know the specific profile of the child you would like to sponsor. Our staff will contact you to introduce other candidate students.

As a sponsor, you will receive detailed information of the progress of the child, have a strong tie with the child's family and be able to provide inputs on critical decisions for the child including, their future school selection.
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Children Needing Sponsorship

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Name: Jasmine Hamsi

Age: 3

Family background: Jasmine lives with her mother. Her father left when she was a baby. Jasmine's mother farms to support the two of them. When her mother is working at the field, Jasmine is left in the village playing by herself.

Favorite activities: Be able to go to school like other children do when their parents are at work.

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Name: Jasmine Zaliata

Age: 6

Family background: Jasmine has not seen her mother for a long time. Some people told her that her mother died and others said that her mother simply went away. She lives with her father who has difficulties finding a stable job. Jasmine has never been to pre-school. She is a shy and lonely girl.

Favorite dress: An orange dress that her aunt bought from the second hand clothing stall in the market. I am only allowed to wear it for special occasions. However, it will be even better if I have school uniform like other children.

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Name: Rose Maico Kibavu

Age: 2

Family background: Rose's parents abandoned her when she was a baby. She stayed with her stepmother, who does not know where Rose's parents are. Her stepmother tries to provide for Rose. However, she is very poor herself. After buying food, there is nothing left to pay for Rose to go to school.

Favorite activities: Cry. I am still very young and afraid of new people. I don't like having my picture taken.
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Name: Gerald Leya

Age: 5

Family background: Gerald's parents are seasonal agriculture workers. They cannot get work when the weather changes and short term farming work is not always available. Every extra penny they earn is saved for food for the times when they are unemployed. They want Gerald to have an education so that he can do better in life. However, without the means, Gerald has not yet had a chance to sit in a classroom.

Favorite mood: I am a happy child by nature. I like to smile all the time and make faces.

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Name: Brandina

Age: 4

Family background: Brandina's parents have had TB for a long time. They are always sick and coughing. When they get worse, they have to send Brandina to live with relatives while they rest in bed. They have to get help from relatives to provide food for Brandina when they are sick or out of work.

Favorite praise: People always tell me that I am a pretty I like that and I like to have my picture taken too. My mother says that it is even better to be a smart girl. When I get a chance to go to school, I will show them that I am smart as well.
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Name: Gift Mateso

Age: 4

Family background: Gift is an orphan. She lives with her grandparents, who try really hard to provide for her. Gift wants to go to school, but her grandparents do not have enough money to send her.

Favorite activities: I like to be with other children and have fun and play games. However, I do not have playmates most of the time and have to play alone. Other children can go to school or play with their brothers and sisters. I only stay at home and I have no brothers or sisters.

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Name: John Haruna

Age: 3

Family background: Both of John's parents are unemployed farm workers. Without their own land, they struggle to provide food for the family. Paying for a quality education for John is a distant dream.

Favorite Food: Chocolate candy.