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Lilian is almost six. She lives with her mother, who is HIV-positive, and with two siblings. Her father left the family when he discovered that his wife was HIV-positive, and her family has no source of income. Lilian’s mother approached Hope Academy to ask that the school help Lilian, so that she could live a different life than the one to which she was destined. By connecting people committed to making change with supporters from within and outside the country, Hope Academy strives to help children, just like Lilian, survive their impossible situations and creates new opportunities for them.


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Abelfidelis is almost seven and is learning disabled. While both his parents are HIV-positive, he is not infected. When his parents get sick and are bedridden, Abelfidelis and his brother are left wandering around without food or caretakers. Most schools in the area will not accommodate children with learning disabilities. The Hope Academy opens its doors to children of all abilities. Abelfidelis is currently studying at the Hope Academy and is learning how to write and count.


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Boniface recently celebrated his sixth birthday. His mother dropped out of secondary school to get married after she became pregnant with him. Despite her incredible struggles to make ends meet, she attended college and completed her studies as a pre-school teacher. Since she was not trained in English she was unable to find a job, and was forced to stay in a small village where she was badly treated by her husband’s family. Blair encouraged her to join him as a teacher at the Hope Academy, where she began to learn English. Now, Boniface is studying at Hope Academy where his mother is one of the teachers. Hope Academy has made a positive change to both their lives.