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At Hope Academy, we are seeking volunteers who would like to join us to make a difference in the lives of children and families who are less fortunate. Volunteers will leverage their knowledge and professional skills to help the school and the local community in a wide range area of education and development projects. The experience will turn into a lifetime of fond memories and long-lasting friendships for the volunteers and our children and staff. We welcome any interested individual, at least 16 years old, who has the right skill sets and a passion to help.
We are actively recruiting volunteers in the following categories:

Activities in the Area

Arusha is close to many great natural and cultural sites. In their spare time, volunteers are free to explore the area "Pole-Pole" (without a rush).

Activities include:
  • Safari tours including Serengeti Plain (witness the great migration), Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Tarangire National Parks;
  • Trekking (Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru);
  • Cultural visits (Maasai villages, Meru communities, the Hadzabes);
  • The white-sand beaches and spice islands of Zanzibar.
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Logistics and Costs

Upon arrival, volunteers will be picked up from the airport or other specified location by Hope Academy staff and placed with carefully selected local hosting families. Three meals will be provided daily. The Hope Academy staff will provide briefing, training on local culture and a tour of the community to help volunteers settle. The staff will accompany the volunteers until they feel comfortable, safe and settled.

We ask for a donation to cover the cost of airport pick-up, orientation, accommodations, food, administration and security.
Duration USD EUR
1 week 300 279
2 weeks 490 456
3 weeks 670 623
4 weeks 840 781
Extra weeks (per week) 165 153

HOCODECO conversion rate:
1 USD = 0.9299 EUR
Monday 10th June 2024

While airport transfers (pick-up and drop-off), are covered by the volunteer's donation, each volunteer is responsible for the cost of any travel and all personal activities during their stay.

Upon request, Hope Academy staff will be happy to recommend reliable safari and tourist agencies to arrange weekend trips in the region. Some of the agencies will provide subsidies to support the school.

Applying for the Program

Contact us at:

Please provide us with:
  • A brief introduction to your background;
  • Area of interest (Student Teacher, Community Service or Business Consulting);
  • Contact Details.
We will then provide you with more detailed information.
To reach out to one of Our Volunteers at the school and learn about their experiences, please contact:
Siobhan (Ireland):

Nisha (Singapore):