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Hope Academy is pursuing the "Hope Self-Sufficiency" project that will enable the school to become self sufficient and provide its students and the local community a platform to learn and practice entrepreneurial and business knowledge. The goal of the project is to leverage local resources and to bring revenue-generating opportunities for the school and the local community.

Volunteers will help with the planning, marketing, operations and finance aspects of establishing and maintaining a successful business. They will serve as consultants and work closely with our staff to develop our platform and manage ongoing activities.
Activities the volunteers will participate in will include market research, product/service development, vendor negotiation, development of marketing materials, operational process design and financial budgeting and planning.

This will be an amazing experience to apply your skills to help make the Hope Academy a long-term sustainable organization so that it can accomplish its important mission.


  • Volunteers in this program are required to have at least 2 years’ experience in business or be at least a college senior majoring in business.
  • Being resourceful, creative, fact-based and flexible to adapt to the local situation is critical.
  • Volunteers with solid functional and management skills as well as a strong ability to transfer knowledge in a short period of time is desirable.
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Program Duration

2-12 weeks
Flexible start and end dates

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday
8 hours per day
Flexible hours possible

Applying for the Program

Contact us at:

Please provide us with:
  • A brief introduction to your background;
  • Area of interest (Student Teacher, Community Service or Business Consulting);
  • Contact Details.
We will then provide you with more detailed information.
To reach out to one of Our Volunteers at the school and learn about their experiences, please contact:
Siobhan (Ireland):

Nisha (Singapore):