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There are limited resources for adult education in Tanzania. Many people in the rural areas are constrained by a lack of skills and exposure to broader opportunities available. Volunteers in the community service program will help the school organize and will teach training classes in business, computer or other skills to the residents of the local community.

Volunteers will also provide mentoring to local disadvantaged youth to help them develop job-ready skills or pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. They will also have the opportunity to participate in an on-going HIV counselling program for the local community.
The volunteers will serve as mentors and coaches to the current staff of the school on curriculum development, activity organization, process management and more advantaged computer skills.

Their help will make a long-lasting improvement to the school’s educational standards that will benefit classes of children.


  • Volunteers in this program are required to have working experience in the fields of teaching, business or non-profit operations.
  • They should be strong organizers and motivators.
  • Persistency, patience, good cross-cultural understanding and a passion to help are important.
  • Due to current resource constraints, volunteers may need to bring some critical equipment or tools that are needed for the training.
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Program Duration

2-12 weeks
Flexible start and end dates

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday
8 hours per day
Flexible hours possible

Applying for the Program

To enquire about the Volunteer Program or apply, please contact us.
Please provide us with:
  • A brief introduction to your background;
  • Area of interest (Student Teacher, Community Service or Business Consulting);
  • Contact Details.
We will then provide you with more detailed information.
To reach out to one of Our Volunteers at the school and learn about their experiences, please contact:
Siobhan (Ireland):

Nisha (Singapore):