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Our incredible volunteers are crucial to making a difference in the lives of children and families who are less fortunate. They offer their time, knowledge and professional skills to help the school and the local community in a wide range of education and development projects.

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Siobhán Smith is an IT Specialist from Ireland.
A month-long IT-teaching post with Hope Academy in Tanzania seemed like a really good fit for me. In the mornings I taught the kindergarten class and, in the afternoons, I taught older children in the local college, which was set up for people who have no money to pay for education. The children were absolutely gorgeous, and the Tanzanian people were so friendly.
Siobhán Smith

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Ernest Lamah is an Expert in Finance from Conakry, Guinea.
I worked with HOCODECO as a volunteer to deepen my professional experiences. It is an NGO with a strong capacity for adaptation, analysis and supervision of children. I was impressed by their commitment, their motivation, to take up the challenge for the education of these children in difficult situations. It is an NGO to be encouraged and supported. I will continue to bring them my material and financial aid for the smooth running of this NGO. I ask anyone to support this NGO financially or materially because your help can give them a considerable advantage in the accomplishment of this humanitarian mission of these children in difficult circumstances. Thank you.
Ernest Lamah

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Innocent Onyinyechi is from Nigeria where she works as a Research Assistant at Federal University Wukari.
It's been a pleasure working with HOCODECO and enlightening as well. Volunteering at HOCODECO allowed me to make an impact on the lives of individuals, creating a niche for change through writing. I learned to be responsible and it has been reflected in my career development and personal growth. It allowed me to work with a broad network of professionals from various backgrounds. Working with HOCODECO I gained International exposure which developed my cultural sensitivity and an invaluable insight into navigating complex global issues.
Innocent Onyinyechi

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Paul Hunt is a Software Developer based in the UK.
Blair found me back in 2009 via LinkedIn and our discussions developed into me building a new Hope Academy website. HOCODECO and Hope Academy became a cause very close to my heart and I have been involved ever since. My volunteering takes place from the UK. In 2023 I have been working on the second major refresh of the HOCODECO and Hope Academy website since my original involvement.
Paul Hunt