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English is one of the official languages in Tanzania. It is critical for our children to learn English to be eligible for employment and business opportunities in the tourist areas in Northern Tanzania. Despite this need, teaching in nearly all primary schools is conducted in Swahili and the majority of children are not able to advance to secondary school, where English is taught. As a result, many children in the rural areas will remain disadvantaged due to their limited knowledge of English.
Volunteers at the Hope Academy will provide our children with a much needed tool that they could not access otherwise.

Volunteers will be responsible for preparing and conducting classes on languages, culture, and other appropriate subjects. In addition, they will facilitate a variety of activities and projects for the children. In their spare time, volunteers will help with school administration and planning.


There is no requirement to have prior teaching experience. Volunteers should be fluent English speakers.

The program is most successful for those who have:
  • patience;
  • an open mind;
  • a sense for adventure;
  • a genuine interest in working with children.
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Program Duration

1-12 weeks
Flexible start and end dates

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday
8 hours per day

Applying for the Program

To enquire about the Volunteer Program or apply, please contact us.
Please provide us with:
  • A brief introduction to your background;
  • Area of interest (Student Teacher, Community Service or Business Consulting);
  • Contact Details.
We will then provide you with more detailed information.
To reach out to one of Our Volunteers at the school and learn about their experiences, please contact:
Siobhan (Ireland):

Nisha (Singapore):